Information on wellbeing for healthcare professionals

It is very normal to experience emotional distress when you or a loved one are diagnosed with cancer. There is lots of support available to help you cope.

The trainers who deliver the Prehab4Cancer programme have had specialist psychological training, which gives them the communication skills to be able to listen to people who are worried. They will:

Notice (how you are feeling) and Listen to you

Be person-centred (letting you be the expert about you)

Hear your emotional concerns – not just the practical ones

Be empathic – acknowledge if things seem difficult for you

Know how to signpost/refer on (if needed)

They will be able to help you

  • Make positive behaviour changes e.g. exercising, diet, stop smoking etc

  • Help you with psychological benefits including self-control, self-efficacy (believing you can make changes and having the confidence to do so), improved mood, less anxiety

  • Help you with self-compassion – no one is perfect!

  • Direct you to other sources of support – family, friends, colleagues, professionals, online etc.

  • Work in partnership with other professionals – co-creating the right plan of action for you

I feel I need more specialist help with my mental health and wellbeing. What can I do?

If you are experiencing difficulty with your mental health (whether you are a patient or family member / loved one) please contact your GP, Specialist Nurse or another healthcare professional for advice.

Alternatively, you can self-refer to your local mental health services who can support you:


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