All patients are given a nutritional screening as they start on the Prehab4Cancer programme. This is delivered as part of their baseline assessment by their exercise specialist, who have all completed additional training in nutritional screening. The service is currently transitioning to using the PG-SGA (Patient Generated Subjective Global Assessment) as its primary nutritional screening tool.

The team rely on baseline nutrition information from being provided by the referring team, via the GP.


  • Weight (weekly)

  • Weight trend (loss or gain) – automatically populated

  • Body Mass Index (BMI) – automatically populated

  • Handgrip (research)

  • Changes in ability to swallow solid food, appetite and level of food intake


  • Colorectal/lung –  start and end prehab (2 assessments)

  • UGI – start of prehab, middle (end of chemo) and end of prehab (3 assessments)


  • Database to record data and track changes

  • Questioning

A flag system based on nutritional risk identified within screening tool is used.

Low Risk

Participant provided with bespoke P4C nutrition leaflet (exercise + healthy eating) and continued to have weight monitored

Moderate Risk

Participant provided with Christie ‘Eating help yourself’ comprehensive booklet and continued to be monitored – increased frequency

High Risk

Contact made to clinical team for CNS or Dietician to provide dietetic counselling. Alternatively patient can liaise with own Dietician in community or hospital (if they have one) or referral to community Dietician via. GP. Clinical team to be made aware. Consider whether to adapt or terminate intensive exercise programme.

Nutritional Risk Risk Alerts PT Action
Action Plan 1 Low None Continue to monitor patient

Give low risk nutritional diet sheet

Action Plan 2 Medium One of the following:

>5% weight loss in the past month

Drop in IDDSI level

Drop in foot intake to <75% of normal

Give diet sheet “Eating to help yourself

Increase monitoring

Action Plan 3 High One of the following:

BMI <20kg/m2 >10% weight loss past 3-6/12

Two of the following:

>5% weight loss in past month

Drop in IDDSI level

Drop in food intake to <75% of normal

Give diet sheet – “Eating to help yourself

Highlight concerns to parent team / CNS

Patient to contact dietitian if known.

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