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I am worried about catching coronavirus and not sure how I could manage to take part in Prehab4Cancer whilst keeping myself safe. What should I do?2020-07-15T15:23:44+00:00

We understand that the current coronavirus pandemic is a worrying time for all, and especially so if you have cancer. We have put together lots of information to help you look after yourself and stay safe on our Coronavirus page.

Why have I been referred to the Prehab4Cancer and recovery programme?2020-06-23T15:11:21+00:00

Prehabilitation is the medical term which describes preparing for cancer treatment. It has been recommended by doctors and other healthcare professionals involved in your care that you undergo prehabilitation alongside your other planned medical interventions to prepare you for your cancer treatment.

I have been diagnosed with cancer but I’m not eligible for the Prehab4Cancer and recovery programme. What can I do?2020-03-03T20:57:55+00:00

You can still help yourself to feel better by following the exercise, nutrition and wellbeing advice on this website. We have also tried to include links to lots of other organisations who can support you.

Will I be able to do the exercises that are given to me?2020-06-23T15:12:14+00:00

The Prehab4Cancer team delivering the scheme are friendly and experienced. They are qualified in cancer rehabilitation. They will:

  • Assess you regularly.
  • Take into consideration your current level of ability and needs such as other health conditions.
  • Give you exercises designed for you.
  • Support you to take an active role in your cancer care.
  • Plan exercises designed to improve your fitness levels and muscle strength leading up to your treatment.
  • Put your safety first
  • Raise any concerns with your clinical cancer team.
Is it safe for me to exercise whilst also having cancer treatment?2020-03-09T21:16:04+00:00

Latest research shows it is SAFE and RECOMMENDED to do exercise when you are undergoing cancer treatment. For more information, see our evidence pagefor more information, see our evidence page.

How can I support my loved one with prehab?2020-03-03T20:59:56+00:00

Supporting a loved one who is going through cancer treatment can be upsetting and worrying. It can be difficult to know how to best support them. This programme promotes the importance of people preparing for their cancer treatment. You are actively encouraged to go to appointments with them and even join in with the exercises. Your practical and emotional input will help motivate your family member or friend. Your support can make all the difference.

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