Video Case Studies

I have really enjoyed the exercises and never thought I would. I thought I’d be unable to do most things but the instructor took time to make the exercises suit me but also push me. I can tell things are getting better as I feel less aches and pains. After a session I feel really energised!

Having the support of the instructors has been great. They have really helped me relax and feel less stressed out

The staff have been amazing. They really make the exercise challenging but fun

I have really felt an improvement in my fitness

The prehab exercise has been fantastic. It has built up my confidence and fitness. The instructor has been wonderful, has answered my questions on so many different aspects of my fitness and reassured me. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to my rehab sessions.

My husband is two days post surgery – He is doing absolutely fantastic. They have a book to record his targets and he is flying through them all. Yesterday he sat up and today has been for a walk up and down the ward twice. Thank you for everything you have done with him while attending the gym we think its had a massive impact on his recovery

Enjoying the sessions, I definitely want to come back after surgery and carry on

The gym is boring, but I understand that I need to do this to get fit for my operation

I am enjoying it more than I thought, it isn’t that scary

“If someone had told me in February this year that I would be going to the gym, I’d have laughed at them! My consultant asked if I would like to give it a go, explaining the idea that if you’re fit before surgery, it will get you out of hospital quicker, so I said yes.

I went to meet Kirsty at [the gym] and I was struck by her enthusiasm straight away. I had a routine assessment and she coached me through [the programme]. We did a bit of weight training – something I’d never done before, but I liked it.

It was a bit intimidating but I must admit it’s flipping lovely in there, it’s a lovely environment, people are so friendly, they say hello. It’s a lovely community.

Within a few weeks I was doing 1 hour sessions. Kirsty was pleased with my blood pressure and heart rate.

The surgery was quite daunting and took 10.5 hours. I was told I’d be in hospital for 2, 3 or 4 weeks. Well, I was out within 9 days. I couldn’t believe it. All this is down to Kirsty and the fitness regime – it’s been marvellous.

I’m so grateful that I took part in this scheme, I really am. I’ve just had a new grandson arrive in February, he’s also inspired me and I want to get better to see him – that’s encouraged me to get moving. I’m keen to keep going [to the gym] once, and if I can, twice a week.”

David Fowles, Prehab4Cancer Participant

The wordcloud below was created using Prehab4Cancer participant feedback following some focus group sessions.

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