Refer A Patient

Who should complete the referral and when?

Ideally the patients CNS or keyworker will complete the referral, in consultation with the treating medical team. Any healthcare professional involved in the person’s care can make this referral. The form requires a named referrer who will be the main point of contact for the GM Active Prehab4Cancer team to raise any concerns and for liaison after treatment. Referrals should be sent as early in the pathway as possible. The more time there is available for prehab prior to treatment, the fitter and stronger the patient will potentially be going into surgery. The GM Actives team will contact the patient within a few working days of receipt of referral ans should offer an appointment, local to them, within the same week.

Download: how to refer booklet (PDF)

Referral inclusion criteria:

  • Cancer diagnosis (primary lung, upper gastrointestinal or colorectal)

  • 18 years old and above

  • Offered curative treatment

  • Registered with a Greater Manchester GP

  • Ability to access the programme either independently or with support from a carer / family member

  • Has indicated informed consent to be referred to the programme

Download: updated lung pathway (October 2020)

Why do we refer?

All personal and confidential health information will be treated in the strictest confidence adhering to GDPR and other data regulations, stored on our secure system and shared in accordance with NHS confidentiality guidance. GM Active will be in contact with the referring team to ensure safe delivery of this programme to individual participants.

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